Sustainability and ethical trading

Delmarre Design is committed to developing ethical commercial and artistic business practises.

Delmarre Design is a new design service that offers the highest standard of photography in Western Australia. We are serious about our brand because it’s part of our identity and so is our commitment to our ethical trading model.

We believe transparency is the best way we can ensure the public that we are doing our best as an ethical enterprise. Our efforts towards working both sustainably and ethically will be outlined through developing appropriate Policies and our adoption of the Ethical Trading Initiative.

Sustainability can be defined in the following ways:

  1. Social sustainability
  2. Cultural sustainability
  3. Environmental sustainability

Social sustainability

Delmarre Design embraces social sustainability and ethical responsibility. In the following year we will review our practises and define ways to improve our model and delivering net positive social impact.

Modern slavery and human trafficking statement.

Cultural sustainability

Delmarre Design is passionate about promoting cultural sustainability.

We will publish a cultural sustainability statement during the coming year.

Environmental sustainability

Delmarre Design is committed to joining the movement in the photographic industry to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.

Environmental sustainability statement

Other policies

Privacy policy

Delmarre Design respects and values your privacy. Our privacy policy is available below.

Privacy policy

Diversity statement

While established organisations need to invest hard work, time and funds to work towards an inclusive workplace Delmarre Design is set up to be inclusive of and celebrate diversity in our communities from Day One.

Our diversity and inclusivity statement will be available soon.

Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service are listed below.

Terms of Service